takeonwinter-lg_0Mitsu_logo_medYou can’t control the weather – you can control your comfort with Mitsubishi Electric’s Hyper-Heating Technology.


hyperheat-logoWhat is Hyper-Heating?

Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heating systems deliver the best in heat pump performance. Our systems can efficiently heat your entire home or one room at a time, year round.


Heat pumps use a refrigeration-cycle process, an energy-efficient solution that transfers heat rather than burns fuel to hyperheat-imagegenerate heat, and can work in reverse to cool your home.

In the summer, heat pumps cool down your home by absorbing heat from the indoor air and transferring it to the outdoors. In the winter, the same process works in reverse by extracting heat from the outdoor air and transferring it inside to provide warmth.


Conventional heat pumps only produce 100% heating capacity above 47°F outdoor air temperature. In comparison, the patented Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heating heat pumps have the ability to produce up to 100% heating capacity at 5°F outdoor air temperature and guaranteed heating capacity down to -13°F.

hyperheat-graph-updatedYear-Round Comfort and Control

Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) technology uses an enhanced compressor system to deliver heat down to -13° F. When the weather outside is frightful, you’ll be snug and warm. Supplementing your existing climate control system with Hyper-Heating offers a number of other benefits:

  • Efficiency. H2i systems qualify for the ENERGY STAR Tier 2 level. This means that these ductless mini-splits go above and beyond ENERGY STAR’s minimum requirements for efficiency. The INVERTER-driven compressor uses only the energy it needs to cool or heat an area. It automatically senses and responds to changes without constantly turning on and off. This saves energy – and money.
  • Cost savings. Oil, propane, and gas bills can give you sticker shock, especially during cold (or hot) snaps. By using a Hyper-Heating solution as a supplement, you can dramatically cut your costs. Some users see a 50 percent reduction in energy use. You may also qualify for tax incentives, rebates and other programs.
  • Room-by-room Comfort. Do you spend most of your time in the living room with your family or working in your home office? Why heat unused rooms? Ductless units offer precise control so you keep the rooms you use most at your ideal temperature. They also allow you to heat rooms that your existing system doesn’t reach efficiently or effectively. Whether you want to work comfortably in your garage or turn your three-season porch into a four-season addition, Hyper-Heating puts the control into your hands. Guess what? This saves money too.
  • Convenience. An H2i system can usually be installed in about a day. No messy ductwork. No huge remodelling bill. No damage to your home’s architectural integrity. These ductless heat pumps work seamlessly with your existing climate control system.



Mitsu System website imageINVERTER-driven compressor
Conventional compressors control temperature by turning it on and off, but our systems continually provide comfort once it’s turned on and maintains ideal temperature using only the energy it needs.

Hot-Start Technology
Reduces drafts by providing warmth from the very start.

Why Hyper-Heating Should Matter to You

When winter plunges you into sub-zero territory, your primary heating source is not always enough to keep your house and family comfortable. Supplementing your existing oil, gas, propane or wood system is a must, especially when temperatures drop to -5º F, -10º, and beyond. Hyper-Heating technology is designed to provide you with year-round comfort even in the dead of winter. Especially in the dead of winter.

Hyper-Heating vs. Conventional Heat Pumps

Split-ductless heat pumps solved a big problem for people in temperate regions of the country. These systems, which feature an indoor and outdoor unit, allowed them to cool and heat their homes without the hassle, expense and inefficiency associated with furnaces, stoves, and other traditional air conditioning methods.

How do they work? Heat pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat. In the winter, they absorb warmth from the outside air and transfer it inside. In the summer, they extract warmth from the home and transfer it outside.

Until now, these heat pumps left you out in the cold. Designed for moderate climates, traditional models can’t handle extreme temperatures. As sub-zero weather sets in, the refrigerant doesn’t work as efficiently. The pumps can’t bring in enough heat. Patented Hyper-Heating technology, though, erases the 20°+ separating you from year-round comfort, energy savings and increased efficiency.

They can adapt to meet the changing needs of your home so you enjoy year-round comfort in extreme temperatures. Don’t let the term “Hyper-Heating” fool you. They cool as effectively as they heat. You don’t need a separate unit, or another expense, to condition your home in the summer.

Supplementing your oil, gas, propane or wood heating systems is a reality for those of us in the coldest regions of the country. Thanks to Hyper-Heating technology, efficient, effective ductless heat pumps are also a reality.


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